How To Log In State Employee Credit Union Members

The North Carolina state employee credit union (ncsecu) was founded with the goal of social and community improvement in mind. The credit union is only available to the employees of the State of Carolina and their families. The credit Union is designed with the People helping people motto. It is a union that seeks to improve the financial support of its members by offering loans and credits to their members.

There are a few conditions that you should know about. The first being, it is only the members of the state union who can borrow money from the union. The other condition is that the loan given should only be used for productive purposes only. If you are an employee of the North Carolina state you should join the union as it offers great benefits to its members. The services offered by the union includes; savings, investments, online banking, consumer loans just to mention a few. There are many benefits that come with being a member of the union. You will get to pay your bills online, transfer funds from one account to another, and apply for accounts, loans and many more.

About State Employee Credit Union

State employee credit union is a union that was started by the employees of the State of North Carolina in 1937. The aim of the union was to improve the social and economic condition of the state employees by lending money to the members of the union at a fair rate. The union is classified as a non-profit organization in the world. The union was started with approximately $437 in assets. However it has grown over the years reporting around $26.5 billion in assets. Its members havealso increased since the day it was started from 17 members in 1937 to 1.8 billion people in 2013. When the union started, the meetings were held in the basement of Raleigh’s Agricultural building. The union now has its own building that is located in Raleigh North Carolina.

How To Log In To The State Employee Credit Union

The process of accessing your union account is very easy.

  • Go to the official website of the union
  • Click on the member access sign- in which is located at the left side of the page
  • Enter your user ID
  • Enter your password
  • Click on sign on

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