How to Get a $10 Off Coupon from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Do you love shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods? Would you like to have a $10 off coupon? If yes, do not miss the Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Satisfaction Survey, let your voice be heard, and get yourself a $10 off coupon.

What Is The Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Dick’s Sporting Goods, founded by Richard Dick in 1948 with the $300 sponsorship from his grandfather, has developed into a well-known sporting goods retailer in the United States. With more than 400 stores in 40 states, Dick’s sells sports apparel, sports shoes, and other sports equipments.

Aiming to collect customers’ opinions for guidance of future improvements, Dick’s Sporting Goods conducts an online customer satisfaction survey. Every participant who finish all the questions will get a $10-off coupon. The coupon can be redeemed when you purchase for $50 or more at Dick’s.

How To Participate In The Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Satisfaction Survey?

What You’ll Need:

  • You need to have access to the internet.
  • You need to have purchased something at Dick’s Sporting Goods and kept your receipt.

What You Need to Do:

  1. Open the Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Satisfaction Survey website (related link 1 below).
  2. As instructed, enter information printed on your receipt, including the store number, register number, transaction number, date, and the total purchase amount, then click on the button marked “Continue.”
  3. Answer the survey questions according to your shopping experience at Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  4. When you finish, you will get a $10 off coupon for your next visit to a Dick’s location.

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