How To Check If Your Processor Is Working Properly

A computer is made up of many vital components and none is as important as the processor in your computer. The computer processor has a major influence in the performance of your computer and is one of the components that are least likely to be dead. Many consider it tough to identify if the processor in your computer is dead. Therefore, they tend to avail the services of computer technicians to check if the processor is working, as it should. It is a fact that you can know if the processor in your computer is dead with a few simple steps and in this post, we will look at what you can do to check your computer’s processor.


  • A screwdriver kit
  • A cloth to dust the computer
  • A small brush to help clean dust

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Unplug all the wires from the CPU including the power cord.
  2. Place the CPU on a table or a stable surface
  3. Remove the outer casing of the CPU tower to gain access to the motherboard and the processor
  4. Before you touch any part inside the computer, get rid of any static electricity that your body might have. To do so, rub your hands across a metal surface. Any spark caused due to static electricity, can damage your computer.
  5. Remove the CPU fan from the computer. Do not forget to unplug the fan before removing it.
  6. Connect the power cord to the CPU and witch on the computer.
  7. After about 2 seconds, place your finger on the CPU. IF the CPU is hot, the processor is not dead. If you do not feel any heat, then probably your processor is dead.
  8. Fix the fan back on the CPU, connect it and fix the casing.


Do not keep the CPU running for more than five seconds without the CPU cooling fan.

Note: After performing any modifications, check to ensure the processor is working properly, and that no overheating is occurring. Monitor any changes. You may not see overheating right away, so keep a watchful eye.