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Walmart is the biggest grocery store in US. The company allows its employees to register with their website for associates in order to keep a track of their benefits and work schedule. In order to register you should visit their online site and fill in an online form. On the registration page you should select your language. Following this you need to submit your WIN (Walmart Identification Number), your date of birth or birthday, the date on which you were hired by Walmart and your email address. Once you submit all these details your account will be approved. You should also choose a username and a password. Before registration you may read the terms of use. After being an online member, you can see your work schedule your pay stub online by following the instructions given in your account.

About Walmart

Walmart or Wal-Mart Stores is a multinational chain of department stores. The company is not only the largest retailer in America but also the entire world. Walmart is a family-owned company and it was founded in the year 1962 by Sam Walton. It was publicly traded in the year 1972. Its headquarters is situated in Bentonville, a city in Arkansas. It is also America’s biggest grocery retailer. The company has a total of 8500 stores that are spread among 15 countries. In United States, all the stores are named as Walmart. But its stores have different names in Mexico, Japan and India. It is named as Seivu in Japan and Best Price in India. It also has stores in Brazil, Argentina and Canada. Its stores in UK are known for yielding high revenues.

Walmart Associates: See Your Work Schedule Online At

In order to claim pay stubs online from Walmart benefits website you need to have an online account with their website. This website will also allow you to check your work schedule and and check your Walmart benefits online. Follow the steps mentioned below to conclude your registration.

  • Visit the official website of Walmart benefits
  • The home page allows the members to directly login into their accounts.
  • If you do not have an account you need to select the option that takes you to the Registration page. Below the Login section you will be able to see an option called ‘Register’. Click on this option to reach the registration page.
  • In the registration page you can view the instructions given by the site. Click on ‘Go’ to get to the online form.
  • In this form you should enter your Walmart Identification Number, your birth date and your hire date.

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