How To Change Your Address Online With USPS

If you are shifting to a new home, you need to take care of lots of responsibilities. And changing your address is one of the most important jobs among these. You have been receiving all your correspondence and mails at your current address. When you are shifting you would still receive your mails at the old address. To avoid this you should inform the mailing service in your state or nation about your new location. Since you are in United States, you need to inform about your change of address to the USPS (United States Postal Service). Registration of this new address or the transfer takes some time. In such cases, you can follow up your change of address process through the official website of USPS.

About USPS (United States Postal Service)

United States Postal Service is an independent agency. It is also referred as U.S. Mail and it belongs to the U.S. Federal government. USPS is formed by the U.S. Constitution. Its origin can be traced back to 1775 when it was first conceived. During that time Benjamin Franklin headed the department and he served as a Postmaster General. The current USPS was reorganized in the year 1971. As of today, some of its competitors are FedEx and UPS. The department offers its services in all the states at a uniform price. Through its website USPS it helps the public in registering issues like change of mailing address. Legally, if you are changing your location or home you should submit a form to USPS that indicates the change. Later you can follow up the status of the entire process through its online website.

How To Change Your Address Online With USPS?

In order to change your address online you need to register your new location and submit your change of address order through the official website of USPS.

  • Visit the official site of USPS that deals with the change of address issues.
  • The home page consists of a form that allows you to alter or update your change of address order.
  • You have to feed in your present ZIP code. Following this you should enter your confirmation code.
  • You receive your confirmation code along with the correspondence that confirms your change of address order.
  • Once you enter this code, you will be able to alter your change of address procedure.
  • It also allows you to cancel your change of address procedure.

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